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Model Whatsminer D1 from MicroBT mining Blake256R14 algorithm with a maximum hash rate of 48Th/s for a power consumption of 2200W.  bitcoin mining container. antminer s17. jasminer. dragonmint t1. a10 pro

Manufacturer: MicroBT
Minable coins: Decred
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Product Description

Microbt Whatsminer D1 48t DCR Decred mining DCR Coin Miner Asic Miner Machine

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Product Name
Whatsminer D1 48t
Power Consumption
Also known asWhatsminer DCR 48Th/s, D10V1
ReleaseNovember 2018
Size130 x 220 x 390mm
Chip boards3
Chip nameFinFET
Chip size16nm
Chip count315
Noise level75db
Temperature5 – 45 °C

ASIC Whatsminer D1 characteristics:

  • Hashrate – 48TH / s
  • Algorithm – Blake256R14
  • Power consumption – 2200W
  • Voltage – 12V
  • Cooling – 2 fans
  • Weight – 8.5kg
  • Chips: 180*16nm
  • Power Supply Unit: WhatsPower P3,2500w,93% efficiency 220V (included and mounted on toMICROBT WHATSMINER D1 DCR is a Decred (DCR) miner that uses the Blake 256R14 algorithm Asic miner .whatsminer D1 DCR mines Decred (DCR) with a maximum hashrate of 48TH and uses the 16nm Asic chips technology, it is  is designed and manufactured by the MICROBT technology company located in Beijing, China. jasminer

The MICROBT technology company is specialized in blockchain technology, providing an integrated circuit chip and manufacturing mining equipment. The MicroBT Whatsminer D1 DCR was released in November 2018 and is built with the TSMC 16nm chips technology, which improves system performance and the most efficient and profitable Decred (DCR) miner. a10 pro
The Whatsminer D1 DCR is manufactured with an advanced 2 fan technology for heat dissolution and includes a power supply unit. jasminer
Whatsminer D1 DCR miner enables its users to mine Decred (DCR) with the maximum hashrate of 48TH/s and its power consumption of 2200W ± 10%, A power efficiency of 0.046 J/GH, cooling of 2 x 12038 fans, A power dimensions of 130mm (L)* 220mm (W)* 390mm (H) and also an operating temperature of -5c-40c. Mining with Whatsminer D1 DCR miner makes mining very easy, efficient, and profitable for its users.

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1.Integrative design makes the rate of on board increased,the power ratio 45W/T is improved compared with the official parameters released earlier .

2.The performance is strong, the average hash rate is 48T, the power is less than 2200W, and the comprehensive unit hash rate is 45W/T. It is the Blake25 server with the largest single hash rate and the best power ratio in the market at present. antminer s17

3.WhatsMiner D1 is the same stable as M10. During the test,the machine didn’t appear any problems but has been running stably for a long time. The hash rate,power and temperature is constant.

MicroBT belief has been adhering to the belief Beyond the Dream Success is visible to research and development machine. D1 will be limited release avoid hash rate increasing too fast to protect peaceful development of the ecology according to official published. dragonmint t1




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