Goldshell KD-BOX 1.6 TH/s


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Goldshell KD-BOX Kadena miner

Hash power in a BOX.Goldshell kd-box profitability. goldshell kd-box for sale
1.60TH/SE5% | 205W+5%

Products for everyone Simple operation brings high-quality experience

In order to explore a product form that is more suitable for the crypto world, Goldshell pursues product quality & user experience. BOX effectively balances performance and energy consumption. Easy to mine anytime, anywhere

No additional equipment required Suitable for home, office, and various use environments

Goldshell development goldshell kd box pro and customised connection method has been upgraded. Only by connecting to the Ethernet No need for additional equipment, bringing a purer user experience, goldshell kd box profitability

Goldshell kd box profitability

Easier to install and save space. Well-designed internal structure minimalist product appearance. Not only compact and durable but also mechanically beautiful goldshell kd-box

Simple management software

Comprehensively enhance the mining experience. BOX models are equipped with newly upgraded background management software, easy complete the settings Accurately display miner real-time information convenient to check the running status of the miner at any time  goldshell kd-box profitability

Miner Specifications
Model:KD-BOX PRO from Goldshell mining Kadena algorithm 
Power consumption230W+-5%
Also known as:KDBOX PRO
Release:March 2022 goldshell kd box pro
Size:150 x 175 x 84mm
Weight:2000g goldshell kd-box for sale
Noise level:35db
Temperature:5 – 35 °C
Humidity:5 – 95 %
Customs declaration description:computer case
Value:USD90 unless required specifically

How can a guest order the product?

Register an account on the site, add products to cart, fill your desired quantity,
choose destination country, shipping cost and total price will show. Follow the
system, payment options and related info will show. After placing an order and goldshell kd-box
payment made, you will receive a confirmation email and your order status will
be changed to “awaiting shipment”. Your order status will be changed to
“shipped” when tracking number is assigned for your order. You can review
the status of your order at any time in your user account.

(Brand New) How to determine the miners ordered is brand new miner ?

We have been involved in the erection of crypto mining farms since 2015.
because of this partnership, we have established close cooperation with
mainstream miner manufacturers in China.

The brand new miners we sell all come from the factory’s first-hand supply
channels, and there will be NO possible confusion or mistakes.
besides, you can check the certificate and body code of each miner,
which can be verified by the factory.

Are there any risks with full payment ?

First of all, we belong to a company engaged in industrial manufacturing.
We have our own land and factories with 65 employees.
(Our parent company

Our miner sales business is also based on our years of experience
in the construction of cryptocurrency mining farm and supply channels.

Besides, we also provide third-party trading platforms for goldshell kd-box
transaction guarantees.

Warranty & Repairs

The guarantee named does not apply when the defect has arisen as a result of inexpert or improper use or when – without permission – buyer or third parties have made changes or have tried to make changes or have used the purchased item for purposes for which it is not intended. goldshell kd-box profitability

If the warranty provided by the seller concerns an item produced by a third party, the warranty is limited to the guarantee that is provided by the producer. This takes effect from the moment of shipment.

The warranty expires if you have done the following:

– Burned parts on the Hash Board or the chips
– Water damage goldshell kd box pro
– Hacks
– You have removed and/or replaced elements yourself without consultation
– Poor power supply, lightning or excessive voltage.

Repair information

Type 1: Repairs that fall under the manufacturer’s warranty. These repairs are done without charge and by manufacturer directly.(Brand new only)

Warranty Period and Warranty Limitations

  1. A 180-day warranty is provided starting product leaves the factory(Brand new only !). Overclocking the miner will void the warranty immediately.
  2. All used miner sales are final. No refunds will be granted unless we fail to ship your order. Defective miners can be repaired for free if they fall under our warranty policy. After the warranty period, miners can be repaired at the cost of parts and labor. goldshell kd-box for sale
  3. The following events will void the warranty:
  4. Damage caused by poor power supply, lightning or voltage surges;
  5. Burnt parts on hash boards or chips;
  6. Miner/boards/components damage due to water immersion or corrosion due to wet environment.
  7. For all repairs, within warranty or not, customers must return the defective parts at his/her own expense after troubleshooting with our instructions.
  8. We will cover shipping cost when shipping a replacement unit to the customer within the warranty period.

We warrant the product, its components and labor to be free from defects in material and workmanship under regular uses defined in user manuals and this Warranty during the warranty period. The warranty period of certain product is specified on the page of that product and commences on the date of delivery.


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