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StrongU STU-U6 specifications

Manufacturer:StrongU STU-U6. 1660 ti hashrate. whatsminer m30s. m2 miner. kd box
t5 data centers
Model: STU-U6
Release: November 2019
Size: 135 x 208 x 370mm
Weight: 7200g
Noise level: 76db
t5 data centers
Power: 2200W
Voltage: 12V
Interface: Ethernet
Temperature: 5 – 40 °C
Humidity: 5 – 95 %

For sale: StrongU STU-U6 Pro

Built for increased safety and quality, the StrongU STU-U6 Pro 3260 Gh/s features a built-in AI chip, simple deployment, easy maintenance, and unique reinforcement. High Hashrate and High Efficiency Design
STU-U6 miner from StrongU. This device has a built-in Power Supply Unit and mines the X11 algorithm at a hashrate of 3260 Gh/s while consuming 2145W of power. Dash (DASH) and Paccoin are two coins that are supported (PAC).. For sale is a StrongU STU U6 Pro. 1660 ti hashrate


Hashrate: 3260 Gh/s (plus/minus 5%)
Power Consumption: 2145W (+/- 5%), usual mode, at the wall, 93 percent PSU efficiency, temperature: 25°C)
At 25°C, power efficiency is 62.5J/T, -5 percent to +5%.
(L)420mm*(W)290mm*(H)395mm Dimensions m2 miner
4 x 12038 FANs for cooling. whatsminer m30s
9.1kg gross weigh  kd box
Ethernet network connection
Temperature range permitted: -5°C to 35°C

NB: Use with sufficient cooling and a dust filter.

On your farm, you need 16A AC cable to meet the following operating conditions: Moisture of 75%, AC voltage of 210240V, AC input current of 16A from the power source, and dust of 0.5 Mg/m3.

Guarantee. t5 data centers

This Miner also comes with a one-year guarantee and is supported by our support staff, so if you run into any technical issues, you can contact our premium support team. Please leave a message on our message board if you have any problems. Our technical support team will contact you as soon as possible.

Please notify the technical support team before sending any machine or parts. It’s critical that you contact us first so that we can identify and confirm the issue so that we can work together to save time and money.

unwarranted charges Any loss or damage caused by a lack of contact will be entirely your responsibility. For sale is a StrongU STU U6 Pro.

Miner prices are subject to change at any time without notification or compensation to clients.

The following situations will render the warranty void:
However, StrongU STU-U6 Pro is available for purchase.

If the Miner is disassembled, modified privately, or components are replaced without our knowledge.
Lightning, voltage surges, and an unregulated power source can all cause damage.
Water, moisture, and rust have caused damage to circuit boards and components.
Overclocking excessively in a hot environment.u6 pro
The circuit board or chip has been entirely consumed by fire.

If any of the aforementioned occurs, your miner’s services will be subject to a maintenance fee.



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